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Morei domestic kitchen series 650

The standard 1200mm kitchen consists of 5 gas burners. It can be combined with semi-professional induction, integrated electric griddle, coup de feu all griddle, electric fryers, and other elements. Depending on the width of the kitchen, more or fewer elements can be integrated.
Custom kitchens according to needs and preferences.

High-end domestic kitchen with excellent quality finishes and robustness. semi-professional performance.

Standard measurements

Width: 1200mm.
Depth: 650mm.
Height: 850-900mm.

Morei Kitchens

  • Countertop: one piece of 3mm thickness in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Finish:  vibrated with polished glossy profile.
  • Tubular structure made of stainless steel with great rigidity.
  • Gas burners: recessed bowl and stainless steel grates, rounded edges for easy cleaning and holes at the ends for good oxygenation and combustion of the fire.
    - Recessed bowl: width 290mm. Choose between two burners of 80mm diameter and 3 kW each, or combine one of them with one of 50mm diameter and 1.5 kW.
    - Large tank: width 390 mm. Large central fire of 100 mm. diameter and 5 kw.
  • Induction: tempered glass, two burners of 180mm diameter, 1850 to 3000W per burner. 220V 16A. Option for powerful octagonal burners from 2100 to 3500W.
  • Electric oven: measurements 530 x 320 x 410mm, equivalent to GN 1/1 container. With convection ventilation button, light, simultaneous upper (grill) and lower heating selector.
  • Soft closing side cabinet: doors or combination of two drawers.
  • Controls: finished in polished aluminum, satin brass or aged brass.
  • Handles: finished in polished aluminum, satin brass or aged brass.
  • Front finishes (controls, doors, drawers, and oven):
    Satin stainless steel or vibrated stainless steel.
    - RAL color of choice.
    - Perimeter frame: finished in polished stainless steel or brass (with vibrated stainless steel or Ral interior).
    - Overlaid decoration: polished stainless steel or brass.
  • Accessories:
    - Perimeter baseboard to cover legs.
    - Griddle accessories on burners.
    - Oven grids and trays.
    - Coup de feu plate: single griddle for a large central fire.

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"My kitchen, Morei, is exactly what I've been dreaming of all my life. It's an 'old-fashioned' kitchen, in your home, functional, modern, but with a completely stunning aesthetic. It's the essence of traditional cooking with the most innovative technological system. I am fascinated by it." Samantha Vallejo

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